Designing a human-centered fintech platform at Bank of America

Bank of America
designing a human-centered

fintech platform

As a Sr. UX Designer at Bank of America, I lead the UX/UI design of enterprise level fintech applications. My main project involves taking a data science platform from a pilot to company-wide adoption using the design thinking methodology. I can't post screenshots of this and other projects because of the NDA.


The pilot I designed was well-received for its user-friendliness. It was so successful that later releases achieved wide adoption throughout the company. The user-experience evolved as platform was scaled up and more features were added.


Design a scalable complex data science platform, so that it requires minimal training.


This project reinforced the importance of empathizing with the users from the start. Designing the platform felt overwhelming because I wasn't familiar with the functions that it offered. Since data science is a relatively new field, I wasn't even familiar with the work data scientists did. It was essential to learn quickly. I did research at the start of the project by interviewing data scientists. Some were pilot users, others were not but they brought important perspective about the field overall and the competing products. The subsequent releases brought more segmentation. I revisited the user research, conducting more interviews, usability sessions and a survey. I developed personas which kept the focus on the users as the platform evolved.


Communicating closely with the stakeholders, I learn their perspective on what success should look like. I work to define the project from the perspective of the users with the various personas in mind. After conducting the preliminary research, I analyze the findings and lay out the assumptions, hypotheses, outcomes, user benefits using the Lean UX Canvas methodology. I educate stakeholders on usability best practices and mentor junior associates.

team collaboration


I do quick sketches to check in with the stakeholders. We need to move quickly through the sprints and ensuring that we are on the same page in regards to the interface is important in order to make the deadlines. I create flow charts using Balsamiq which I continuously revise when changes in the process occur. I revisit the user research I did earlier to make sure the proposed flow is in sync with the users' needs.  Afterwards, I create wireframes to visualize various layout options and discuss them with the stakeholders.


I create mockups and a clickable prototype in Axure to present at stakeholder meetings. I also use it in further usability testing. After the design is approved, I guide the developers to implement the UI designs. The interactive prototype is a great multi-functional tool to test-drive the design and functionality before a lot of resources are spend on development. I also create a style guide for the developers and for future reference.


I've always been aware of the need for accessibility having family and friends with various impairments. Bank of America is very committed to meet the ADA requirements for both internal and external applications. I worked with the corporate accessibility team to ensure that the applications I'm working on are designed with accessibility in mind right from the start. As a member of the UX Accessibility workstream, I compiled accessibility documentation with bank-specific examples to be used for training and references by designers, developers and QA testers.

Other Projects

Digital Mailroom

Technology Portal

Data Science Website

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During the nearly 2 years at Bank of America I worked on a few other projects, collaborating with various departments. The applications are for internal use, not available to the general public to see. During the course of my work I followed the Design Thinking process in Agile environment like I described above.

Looking Ahead

Working at a large, complex corporation, made it  imperative to devise a solid UX strategy; to look at the big picture, broaden my perspective by learning from coworkers outside of my area of expertise, all the while keeping up with the ever-changing trends in design. Sure it's time-consuming but viewing this process as an exciting discovery (kind of like visiting a foreign country) let me make the time. Think strategy not just tactics. Think elevating the user experience, not just styling the new features.

" I worked with Lubina for about 6 months and truly got to understand what it means to build a personal UX for the user. She is always one step ahead of the curve and designed a flawless UI/UX for our project. Even with constraints, she thinks outside of the box and meets deadlines on time. We often worked side by side as I was the tester for her designs. She's very passionate about her job and as a newcomer to the bank, she has made a lasting impression on me. Wonderful to work with and very approachable when I needed some guidance. She is a valuable teammate and I truly recommend her as an experienced UX designer. "


Jolines Contreras
Data Engineer
Bank of America


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Designing a human-centered fintech platform at Bank of America
team collaboration
Designing a human-centered fintech platform at Bank of America
team collaboration
Designing a human-centered fintech platform at Bank of America
team collaboration